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New Points System for 2024 WRC

Elfyn Evans Rally Japan 2023
Photo Credit: Red Bull Content Pool

In a move to keep crews from cruising or undertaking any tactical action on Sundays, today the FIA has announced a new points scoring structure for the 2024 WRC season. Points will be awarded in a traditional fashion at the end on play on Saturday, with all penalties accounted for, in the following demoninations:

1st: 18 points

2nd: 15 points

3rd: 13 points

4th: 10 points

5th: 8 points

6th: 6 points

7th 4 points

8th: 3 points

9th: 2 points

10th: 1 point

Lappi Rally Japan
Photo Credit: Red Bull Content Pool

And here's where things change. Because Sundays will offer the crews a second bite at scoring points on a given WRC event with a completely separate points system for Sundays only, ie from and including the first stage on Sunday after regroup to the final stage of the day. These positions will will awarded with:

1st: 7 points

2nd: 6 points

3rd: 5 points

4th: 4 points

5th : 3 points

6th: 2 points

7th: 1 point

Taka airlines flying on the Wolf Power Stage
Photo Credit: Red Bull Content Pool

The power stage still remains however, giving the crews more reason to push right up to the final stage. These points will return the following return:

1st: 5 points

2nd: 4 points

3rd: 3 points

4th: 2 points

5th: 1 point

Effectively we're now looking at 2 rallies in one with one bonus stage. In reality, positions will be carried over to Sunday so if a crew is leading at the end of Saturday, they will begin in first as per normal running order on the Sunday. And again the Power Stage points will be awarded only on fastest stage times as before. We will have to see if this new system works out in the way they hope when the WRC returns to action in Monte Carlo for the start of the 2024 season on 25 - 28 January 2024.

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