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Documentary Headliner Sponsor

Planning for a new docuseries is well under way. With over 10 years experience in high end TV, production standards will be high and it is expected that the final product will be on par with Netflix and Amazon, with plans supporting this. Act now to get involved from the beginning and enjoy the full experience of TV production.

Fans of a show are known to be more receptive to advertising messages, which is a fantastic opportunity for brands to take advantage of the highly engaged audience. TV sponsorship campaigns build a relationship between viewers and your business, making your brand instantly more recognisable. Advertising as the sponsor of the show creates a subconscious association of product and programme for viewers, meaning that your business or brand is one that they will remember. Pre-show sponsorship acts as a cue that lets people know that their favourite show is about to start, creating a positive association between product and programme for viewers. Being the title partner includes releasable content, titles, break and post show idents, inclusion with all promotion, co-branding on socials and website and licensing. Finally, once completed the documentary will be pre-shown in an invite only screening before general delivery. Cast and crew, sponsors and the media will be invited to these events only, ensuring exclusivity.

Licensing, bringing your partnership to life


When you partner with the show, you'll want to make the most of every opportunity. So, when you partner with us, you’ll also be licensed to use the shows logos, images and specific content to promote the campaign across your social media accounts, in-store, shop displays, as well as provide you with exclusive prizes and behind the scenes content. This ensures the link between your brand and the show is as strong as possible. Licensing not only fuels conversation and drives engagement, but also boosts brand association and awareness.

Product Placement


Specific to the documentary, we can utilise Product Placement to further our partnership. This involves placing products and/or your logo on the set during recording. There are specific guidelines which we have to adhere to but this strategy is widely used to further cement brands with specific shows.

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