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Backtage VIP Pass

Backstage Access

A perk that's kept exclusive for our partners and competition winners, we can offer backstage passes to our recording sessions, both live and online. You will get the chance to meet and speak to our guest briefly before we start the session, perhaps asking any questions you may have.

Live Recording

Arrangements will be made for you to come on set to experience a live recording session. The experience will include all refreshments, lunch and travel. Sessions very rarely go over a day, so it is very unlikely an overnight will be required. You will be shown round the set, introduced to the crew and the guest and have chance to ask any questions. Photos are allowed so long as you don't record the session itself.

Online Recording

This is somewhat easier in terms of logistics. Once arrangements have been made, you will be send a login link via email. Using your regular web browser, clicking the link will take you to the online studio which will allow you to watch the session. Your video and audio will not be included in the recording, however before the session begins, we can allow 2-way communication for you to meet the guest.

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