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Audio Ads to suit any budget

Ok so first off we don't expect you to know about producing your ads. That's where we come in. Once we've discussed the options, we'll put together a draft for your approval. There's a myriad of options but to give you an idea, we could take the audio from a promo video, craft and record a basic ad or you can opt to have one of our professional contacts voice your ad for you. 

Ad Placement


As the name suggests, your ad will be placed BEFORE the podcast episode. Being the first thing a listener will hear, it's your best chance of getting your message heard. The episode will continue thereafter. 



Depending on the length of a given episode, there may be up to 4 mid-roll placements available. For us, our mid-rolls come between chapters.


As a closing message to our listeners, ads can be placed at the end of an episode.

Ad Content

Obviously we want to get your message across. Once you have a clear idea of the purpose of your ad and your call to action, we can add to this with the use of an affiliate link. This is a dedicated web link that only our listeners can use. These can be used to track click-through so you can assess how well the ad is performing. For the listener it can also provide them with an easy way to see your website and potentially receive any promo offers being offered.


Price :

The use of professional voice over artists and detailed work often accrues an additional cost. We will discuss this with you during the process.

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