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WRC Council has now convened and changes agreed

WRC Council meet to discuss changes

The Motorsport council has convened today to discuss potential changes across the motorsport spectrum. In the world of WRC, Hankook have been confirmed as the official tire supplier going forwards for a 3 year deal,beating off strong competition from Michelin and MRF.

Only minor changes have been made elsewhere thus far. Seemingling the council are still preoccupied with adding artificial excitement by way of changes to a new points system for the WRC, specifically aimed at Sundays. The details and balance of the points per day will be confirmed by the WMSC Task Force at a later stage. 

Costs have been looked at but again only superficial changes adopted. A maximum of three new hybrid units per season will be allowed in 2025 and 2026 for Rally1 cars entered to score points in the Manufacturers’ Championship, instead of nine. This could be a big issue for the teams given the reliability of the units this year.

To provide further promotion activities, P1 crews will complete a minimum of two passages of the shakedown, while the third pass will be available for a media or VIP passenger ride determined by WRC Promoter to offer greater exposure opportunities to the championship. Hopefully the council will go much further than this and could with so much work to be done.

Based on feedback from competitors, P2 crews will now be allowed to use route note cars and a different start order on Friday will be implemented to avoid discrepancies with P1 drivers. This should improve the saftey and confidence of those crews and as a result, competition in WRC2 should be hightened.

It is of course very early days but we'll be keeping an eye on what comes from these incredibly important meetings.

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