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RAC Rally Round Up - Day 2

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Kris Meeke out on Day 1
Kris Meeke out on Day 1

Day 1 proved to be a shocker. Before a wheel was turned, news broke that Kris Meeke was out of the RAC rally after the damage caused yesterday was too much to fix overnight. He has said that he will be back to try again which is great to hear.

Day 2 saw another 74 miles to tackle in the Welsh forests. SS9 Myherin witnessed Oliver Solberg producing a phenomenal stage time, 7s quicker than Osian and moving him into first place. Over the course of the day, Solberg set the fastest times to build a lead of 45s by the end of the day. Barry McKeena had a big off in Myherin, ripping a front wheel off, dropping from 7 to 17th. A great effort meant they got back to service on 3 wheels where the damaged was fixed. They continue on. Jason Pritchard moved up to 4th despite a few small issues and half spins with Seb Perez 5th in the glorious Stratos. Chris Ingram was forced to retire after a significant time loss on first stage in the morning and a driveline failure in stage 10, as reported by David Appleby on their Facebook page.

The retirements so far are Roger Chilman, Kris Meeke and Chris Ingram. Others have retired for the day but will return tomorrow, including Tony Jardine with a failed clutch.

The coverage produced by the Roger Albert Clark and Special stage continue to bring fabulous coverage live from the stages and is well worth catching up with if you can. Some good news, yesterday Mathew Robinson retired from the rally after causing terminal damage in Cefn. Today though Special Stage reported on their Highlights show, the pair will be back on the stages in Scotland, promising a full send.

End of day 2 results are:

  1. Oliver Solberg

  2. Osian Pryce +0.45

  3. Martin McCormack +2:36

  4. Jason Pritchard +3.04

  5. Seb Perez +4.59

  6. Cathan McCourt +6.04

  7. Ben Friend +6.13

  8. James Ford +6.38

  9. Richard Tuthill +7.16

  10. Dyfrig James +7.43

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