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Limerick, Tralee and Waterford locations will all host Rally Ireland on a rolling basis if successful.

Kerry, Ireland

Following from the live broadcast of the announcement by Aiden Harper, President of Motorsport Ireland, all 3 locations for the proposed base for the rally will take it in turns to host the event on a rolling basis if the bid is successful and manages to secure the necessary funding in the months to come.

The news was met with approval by the invited guests at the announcement and we now wait with baited breath to see if the momentum can be carried forwards to completion. This decision has been made in conjunction with the WRC promoter and as such has their support. Aiden Harper said in the announcement that all 3 locations put up an amazing presentation and said,

"It would be an injustice to preclude any 2 of the 3 locations

and that

The decision was incredibly difficult"

In all of the areas there are hidden gems and some incredible stages that could be included, We have 3 exceptional areas that all have the will, the want and the ability to deliver a world class event.

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