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Is Lewis Hamilton Joining Ferrari in 2025?

Lewis Hamilton

So the big F1 'news' of the day is that Lewis is supposed to be moving to Ferrari for the 2025 season. We've all heard the rumours before and they're nothing new. But....what if? What would that look like and why make the move at all?

Well in his own words, he's still hungry to win and hasn't lost any of the passion that has fuelled him to 7 world titles, 104 Pole positions, 197 podiums and 65 fastest laps. Without question he has made himself one of the greatest drivers of our time. That said for the last 2 years he's been in no-mans land, struggling for pace, performance and podiums. For any racer that's a tough position to be in. F1 being what it is, there's a host of young guns eager to take his place, and with Max breezing away he must have a feeling of helplessness without a capable machine under him.

Now we obviously don't know what's in his contract. What we do know is he's been with the manufacturer since before the beginning of his career. Back in another life Merc have helped him on his way, were instrumental in placing him in the seat at McLaren and the move to the full team was pretty inevitable. Whether or not there's an official clause keeping him with the brand is unlikely though not impossible, there is a long history and with that comes loyalty. Publicly he has repeatedly stated that they race, win and lose as a team. But how long can that sustain before that burning desire wins through?

Charles Leclerc is already signed to the prancing horse which leaves Carlos Sainz whose contract runs out at the end of the year. A real potential opening for him to make the jump. For Ferrari, signing a multiple world champion would be a coup indeed and would certainly shake up the paddock. Perhaps even Ferrari may listen to him. But there in lies the main problem with this move. And one most certainly not lost on Lewis. Ferraris baffling indecision making at critical times has lost them far too many race wins and podiums. Would he really want or need to take that risk?

The great Michael Schumacher made this very move to finish his career and with great success. Given Lewis' age, making such a sensational move to attempt the same feat would be understandable. If the team were able to change their approach and eradicate the silly mistakes, the partnership may close the gap to the Red Bulls enough to take the fight to them. Finishing off your F1 career like this would be amazing.

LH44 Ferrari mockup

I for one would actually love to see him drive elsewhere, I think it'll be good for him and probably long overdue. But despite all and sundry breaking the news today, I just don't see it happening. At least not this time around. Autosport have reported that there is an early exit clause that could open this up as a possibility, however the timing before the 24 season has even begun just screams rumour. I will look on with interest, you know, just in case.

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