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Horner Investigation due before Race day

Horner has been the Team Principle at Red Bull since 2005.
Horner has been the Team Principle at Red Bull since 2005.

Horner has enjoyed an almost unparalleled level of success since joining the team and has been a mainstay ever since. Last year he and the team were not far off claiming a full house of victories in a season they were the dominant force. But for all their success, this week may bring to a close that era, depending of course on the result from the independent inquiry into team boss, Christian Horner, regarding his inappropriate behaviour.

We may of course also finally get to know the details and what this behaviour actually was. There has been much speculation, but not a lot of actual fact so far. Horner has denied the allegations throughout even in the face of negative press attention from the Dutch media. The extensive report, which is thought to run well over 100 pages, is now in the hands of the Red Bull board who will, ultimately, decide his fate and if Horner will remain in his dual roles of team principal and chief executive. A decision is expected to be made today or tomorrow, when Horner is scheduled to return to Bahrain.

The opening practice sessions of the 2024 F1 season take place on Thursday, ahead of Saturday's race. Horner is F1's longest-serving team principal having been at the helm of Red Bull since they entered the sport in 2005 and has overseen the winning of six constructors' and seven drivers' titles.

Red Bull’s future engine partner Ford has criticised the world champions for a “lack of transparency” as they await the outcome to the investigation into Horner. Ford Motor Company who will partner with Red Bull from 2026 to form Red Bull-Ford Powertrains, are also unhappy with the nature of the investigation, as well as their lack of response to a request for further information.

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