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FIA President keen to reassure the fans on WRC future

Mohammed Ben Sulayem with former champion Seb Ogier
Mohammed Ben Sulayem with former champion Seb Ogier

Flux is perhaps a good word to describe where the WRC currently sits. The last few weeks have seen many people question the Rally1 cars for their future contribution and many call for a return to Rally2, or something similar in its place. It seems the powers that be though are listening, are concerned and perhaps more importantly are acting accordingly. In light of the new working group being formed by David Richards under directive from the FIA President, changes are beginning to be introduced. We had reported previously that certain minor changes had been passed to address the short term, such as extra remote services or tire fitting zones,but reports from DirtFish however suggest that more major change is being concidered now. The FIA President has been quoted as saying on the future of the WRC,

We said we wanted answers in two weeks, we got them in days. This is how quickly we can move things. This is what we have to do.
People have to remember, rallying is where I came from. This incredible sport has helped to make me who I am and what I am. Like I told you before, I did become distracted by things, by other aspects of this job – but we are working very closely now and the WRC is very much the focus of our attention.

Rally1 will likely remain in place until the end of the current 5 year homologation cycle in 2026. The current manufacurers have invested heavily in hybrid technology and would likely not be happy to see this go given their costs would have been spread over the complete cycle, particularly Hyundai. The Korean firm also have interests in other areas of motorsport and could easily switch t these should the WRC suddenly switch direction. MSport too would have struggled particularly hard as Fords investment is heavily based around the hybrid technology and without it would most likely withdraw their involvement and as such MSport may have to follow suit.

The path to securing the future is not a straightforward one and discussions are still being had. As I write this though, I do have hope and faith that finally this sport is being taken care of.

Fords involvement hinges on hybrid technology

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