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Digital Prescence

Our online presence covers all the main social platforms, this website, YouTube and most of the podcast platforms too. Graphical ads can be designed to compliment your audio ad and include your promotional link. If you have an existing ad or a retentive graphics/media team that can produce this for you, then that's cool too.


Website banners and article sponsorship:

Display your partnership with pride with Home page banner ads or article/episode specific ads. Your message will be embedded into the articles for maximum SEO integration. 

Two's Company:

Social networking works best when done together. SEO engines tend to rank higher when links come back as well as go out. Digital media partnerships require our partners to also link back to us with their relevant episodes they're associated with, better still with an article/press release or similar.


Active Campaign:

We could just post once and forget about it. We don't. Your partnership will form part of our general campaign alongside your target specific campaign. This means your message/branding could feature on our leaflets/social posts/posters/news letters etc.

Check out our accounts at the bottom of this page.

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